Selling 101

We realize that the staging process can feel a bit daunting. So we have put together this DIY Selling 101 information that takes you through the steps to declutter each area of your home.

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Selling 101

June 24, 2019

No one knows your story like you.

No one knows the story of your home like you do, so who better to sell it than you?

Staging is an essential part to successfully selling your home. It allows you to emphasize your property’s strengths. Ultimately, your goal is to create a welcoming space that the buyer becomes emotionally connected to — where they say, “I could live here” and make an offer.

We realize that the staging process can feel a bit daunting. So we have put together this DIY Selling 101 information that takes you through the steps to declutter each area of your home.

Relax, you've got this ... with us!


Your front walkway and porch give the first impression. Buyers do judge a book by its cover! Most people will drive by listings (sometimes several times) long before they reach out to make an appointment for a showing.

We suggest the following to draw in the buyers:

  • Repaint your front door, if needed
  • Replace door hardware, if needed
  • Repair and/or replace broken stairs and handrails
  • Add a welcoming bench or create an inviting space
  • Hose down driveway and eves by the front door (get rid of any spiderwebs, etc.)
  • Use decorations (particularly seasonal) sparingly


What is a key window view? It could be the view from the living room or dining room, or even the window above the kitchen sink.

Regardless of location, you want to create a focal point outside to draw the buyer’s attention to the landscape.

Here’s how …

  • Clear away clutter from yard and walkways; remove debris, toys and yard equipment
  • Repair gates and fences
  • Yard maintenance — mow and edge the lawn, trim trees and hedges, remove leaves from the ground
  • Plant full-size bright annuals


The kitchen is the heart of the home. Even though we all love our kitchen gadgets, limiting what we have out during a showing can make or break the potential buyer’s connection to the space.

We suggest the following to get your kitchen prepped for your Open House:

  • Remove small appliances from countertops
  • Remove potholders and towels from view
  • Place cleaning supplies, including sponges, under the sink
  • Pack rarely used equipment and cooking tools
  • Downsize you decor
  • Remove evidence of or fix potential problems


Bathrooms pack a bigger punch with potential buyers — more than you may expect.

This is what you can do to make them the most welcoming …

  • Deep clean all surfaces, sinks, tubs and mirrors
  • Clean and repair grout
  • Remove and secure medications in a child-safe area
  • Replace shelf and drawer liners
  • Relocate jewelry, perfume and toiletries


Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It is the place where you rest and recharge each night.

Here’s what we suggest to make this room more inviting for your buyers:

  • Replace or clean your comforters, duvets or quilts (light colors are best)
  • Add accent pillows to bring the colors of the room together
  • Leave only a few photos on display, if any
  • Pack or put away all clothing and personal items


The living areas of your home are where you spend most of your time.

To help the potential buyers visualize where they could be making new memories, here are some things you can do:

  • Clean and/or repaint walls, surfaces, and trim
  • Downsize decor
  • Illuminate the room with accent lighting
  • Reduce artwork to a few key pieces
  • New throw rugs secured with grips
  • Secure valuables and remotes


Upon opening the door to your home, the potential buyers will instantly respond to how the home “feels”.

Here’s how to make the front hall or entry clean and inviting:

  • Create a landing zone for purses, umbrellas, bags and coats
  • Remove all hooks and hanging items from hallways
  • Clear out seasonal clutter or gear
  • Be aware of initial line-of-site. You want to draw them into the property

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